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Digital Citizenship Course

Do you recognize the need to address digital citizenship in your school or district? Common Sense Education and the Indiana Connected Educators have partnered to offer the in-depth Digital Citizenship Course for School Leaders. 
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 Do you want to get in on the action? Let us know your interest, and we will help you with joining the next available cohort.

Get Started 

  • Step 1: School leader (coach, IT staff, building or district administrator) takes the course
  • Step 2: School leader facilitates the course at school site for up to 10 people

Course Benefits

  • Instructor-led course in the online, asynchronous K–12 platform Haiku Learning
  • Train-the-trainer model
  • Small cohorts with other school and district leaders
  • Six weeks long, with approximately five to seven hours of coursework per week
  • Focused on E-rate and CIPA compliance
  • Addresses Internet safety, cyberbullying, digital footprints, privacy, and more
  • Opportunity to develop an action plan to become a Common Sense Certified School or District in Digital Citizenship

TUITION: $500 for each school leader, which includes an additional 10 seats in a second course (materials provided!) that the school leader can facilitate at his or her site.

PGPs: 20 Professional Growth Points are available for completion of this course.

Get Started

To start your certification journey, fill out our convenient online form to register.

Questions? Contact Laurenda Whitcomb at ice@iceindiana.org or 888-636-3006

What Others Say

The Office of eLearning recognizes the importance of a systematic, community-wide approach to digital citizenship education.
This course provides a unique opportunity to support school leaders in implementing this kind of comprehensive approach through Common Sense Education’s free, research-based K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum. We appreciate the Indiana Connected Educators’ commitment to equipping our educators to be leaders in digital citizenship principles.


Success Story from Valparaiso Community Schools
by Cynthia Svilar, Valparaiso Community Schools

Recently I was reflecting on my experiences completing the ICE & Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship Course. I learned about the course while attending the eLearning conference in Lowell, Indiana. Staci Trekles lead a session about this new offering they were partnering with Common Sense Education to deliver to school or district leaders in the state of Indiana. It was a 6 week long, online course that was delivered through an LMS, Haiku Learning. She was so enthusiastic that I was instantly drawn into learning more about this course and whether my district would benefit from me completing this challenge.

Needless to say, I signed up as a member of the first cohort, completed the course and got my certification. Our district made a commitment to certify at least one person from each of our 11 buildings, certify each school and certify the district. We were confident we could do it in the second semester of the school year. We met the goal for certifying our district in May 2017.

The course is designed to prepare the learner for certification at the end of the 6 weeks. If you stay current and put in the time to complete the assignments you will have exactly what you need to qualify for your certification. When you complete the course you will be in a position to facilitate the course for others in your district.

I am not here to say it was easy but I am not going to say it was overly ambitious either, even though it might sound that way. Understanding where you are as a person, school and district when it comes to valuing digital citizenship and the importance it plays within your classroom, with your students and their families, is the key to success. Digital citizenship does not begin and end when students walk through the doors of your building each day. It is a way of thinking and looking at the world through a responsible lens. A successful program will involve all stakeholders including your community.

Our community outreach project was to set up an informational booth at our local STEAM fair in April 2017. Our focus was digital footprints. We provided an activity for students and parents that engaged them in a conversation about what type of information would be safe to share online and where, as well as the long lasting effects of a digital footprint. We ran a long line of string from one post to another and pinned all the colorful completed footprints on the line . They waved in the breeze like cheerful flags! We also provided parents with Common Sense tip sheets, we had Common Sense videos called up on laptops, and we had some little reminders for the youthful learners to take home. This all took place in our downtown area so we drew people from all around our city and neighboring communities. The response from the parents was overwhelmingly supportive. We even had parents who stopped by the booth then went to get their children and bring them back to listen!

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